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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Anna F. Byrd
May 17, 1861158Pike, Ohio, USA0April 17, 18631561Pike County, Ohio
Arlene Theresa Byrd
about 192594New York0June 9, 19922767Los Angeles
Bessie Marie Byrd
July 31, 192098Bloomingburg, Ohio0February 23, 19952474Columbus, Franklin Co., Ohio
Charles William Byrd
March 7, 1892127Paint, Fayette, Ohio3February 17, 19794086Bloomingburg, Fayette, Ohio, United States of America
Cynthia Donette Byrd
June 27, 195069Columbus, OH0August 5, 20031553Columbus (Pt), Franklin, Ohio, USA
Dean Steward Byrd
March 24, 192792Bloomingburg, OH0March 7, 19962368Washington Court House, OH
Donald Ernest Byrd Sr
March 24, 192792Bloomingburg, OH1November 11, 19922665Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, USA
Eli Bliss Byrd
November 9, 1893125Bloomingburg, Fayette, Ohio0
Elizabeth Byrd
1898121Pike, Ohio, United States0
Elizabeth Byrd
October 14, 1918100Bloomburg Fr, Ohio0July 19873268Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Elmer Lewis Byrd
May 17, 1912107Fayette, Ohio0February 1, 19645551Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, United States
Emma Jane Byrd
August 5, 1859159Huntington, Ross, Ohio, United States13April 19, 19407980Darbyville, Pickaway, Ohio, United States
Ernest Ray Byrd
December 19, 1889129Bloomingburg, OH8November 26, 19724682Bloomingburg, Fayette, Ohio, United States of America
Fannie Marie Byrd
June 5, 1897122Bloomingburg, Fayette County, Ohio, USA0August 28, 19259328Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, USA
Gladys Marie Byrd
August 24, 1915103Washington C, Ohio0February 1, 20021786Westerville, Franklin, Ohio, United States
Lavere Byrd
1900119Pike, Ohio, United States0
Lawrence Leroy Byrd
July 31, 1913105Washington Courthouse, OH0June 19, 19962382Los Angeles, California
Lorena Byrd
February 16, 1891128Bloomingburg, Fayette, Ohio, United States0February 16, 191210721Bloomingburg, Fayette, Ohio, United States
Louise H. Byrd
September 15, 1913105Bloomingburg, Ohio3January 4, 19992085Washington Court House, Fayette Co., Ohio
Modessa May Byrd
April 5, 1896123Bloomingburg, Fayette, Ohio, United States3February 2, 19883191Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, United States
Opal Byrd
March 3, 1916103Fayette, Ohio, United States0December 5, 19922676Columbus, Franklin, Ohio
Raymond Byrd Jr
August 30, 192494Fayette Co., Ohio0February 20, 20031678Bloomingburg, Fayette Co., Ohio
Reuben M. Byrd
February 29, 1832187, , Ohio, USA3April 17, 186315631Pike County, Ohio
Reuben Madison Byrd
August 30, 1864154Ross, Ohio, United States8June 1, 19368371Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, USA
Verne Byrd
about 193089Ohio0