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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Alice Alcynetta Carman Louise Cassell
September 25, 192395Des Moines, Polk, Iowa, United States4May 19, 20081184Osseo, Hennepin, Minnesota
Ava Adaline Cassell
July 22, 1915103Des Moines, Boone, Iowa3January 13, 19942578Hennepin, Minnesota,
Catherine Cassell
about 1868151Milton, Jackson, Ohio0
Catherine L “Tad” Cassell
April 8, 192891Springfield, Ohio, USA0November 19, 2011783Springfield, Ohio
Charles David Cassell
January 31, 1889130Athens, Athens, Ohio1April 18, 19407951Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA
Cyrus Franklin Cassell
June 8, 192099Iowa0August 30, 19516731Des Moines, Polk, Iowa, United States
Cyrus Oscars Cassell
March 12, 1914105Perry, Iowa2September 27, 20041490Perry, Dallas, Iowa, United States of America
Delcie Corrine Cassell
November 17, 1916102Des Moines, Polk, Iowa, USA3March 29, 19942577Hennepin, Minnesota,
Edna L. Cassell
September 23, 1906112MT. Pleasant, Jefferson, Ohio0February 20, 19259418Harrison, Ohio, USA
Edvaidelta Cassell
about 1918101Iowa0
Effie Rosetta Cassell
November 28, 1888130Milton, Jackson, Ohio2April 24, 191510426Columbus, Franklin, Ohio USA
Eliza Cassell
about 1863156Milton, Jackson, Ohio0June 10, 188913026Milton Townshhip, Jackson County, Ohio
Elizabeth Ann Cassell
February 29, 194079Springfield, Clark County, Ohio, USA0April 18, 1940790Springfield, Clark County, Ohio, USA
George Sylvester Cassell
July 23, 1907111Iowa City, Wright, Iowa, United States019161038Des Moines, Polk, Iowa, United States
Gerald Stephen Cassell
April 25, 193584Washington, Virginia, USA0
Geraldine Evelyn Cassell
March 20, 1915104Des Moines, Iowa2April 14, 20041589Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States of America
James E Cassell
about 1908111Ohio0
James Edward Cassell
July 8, 1882137Jackson, Jackson, Ohio, United States11April 1, 19576274Springfield, Williams, Ohio, United States
James Mark Cassell
December 21, 1908110Des Moines, Polk, IA US0December 6, 19101081Milton, Jackson, Ohio, USA
John Roger Cassell
November 11, 192890Iowa4
Josephine Cassell
about 1865154Milton, Jackson, Ohio0
Karen Deborah Cassell
April 4, 194970Detroit, Michigan1
Lafayette W Cassell
about 1857162Milton, Jackson, Ohio, United States3March 13, 190211745Columbus, Franklin, Ohio
Laura C Cassell
September 1884134Ohio1
Leila Elva Cassell
April 7, 1911108Des Moines, Polk, Iowa, USA0January 9, 19121070Milton, Jackson, Ohio, USA
Louis Richard Cassell
March 7, 1874145Milton, Jackson, Ohio9September 1, 19516777Lawrence, Ohio, USA
Lucy J Cassell
about 1855164Milton, Jackson, Ohio0
Lynn Morgan Cassell
August 27, 195365Des Moines, Iowa1
Mardeen Carrie Cassell
September 9, 195266Des Moines, Iowa2
Marian H Cassell
about 1876143Ohio0
Mark Erastus Cassell
January 18, 1883136Milton, Jackson, Ohio14June 10, 19625779DES MOINES, POLK, IOWA, UNITED STATES
Martha J Cassell
about 192693Clark, Ohio0September 30, 19506824Clark Co., Ohio
Mary A Cassell
about 1859160Milton, Jackson, Ohio0
Mary Myrtle Cassell
December 22, 1905113Iowa City, Wright, Iowa, United States019576251Des Moines, Polk, Iowa, United States
Norman Curtis Cassell Sr
September 28, 193286Wilmington, Clinton County, Ohio, USA5April 4, 20011868Wilmington Ohio
Pauline Caroline Cassell
February 6, 1907112Jackson, Jackson, Ohio, United States2February 7, 19863379Spingfield, OH
Philora Cassell
about 1861158Milton, Jackson, Ohio0
Rodger G Cassell Jr
October 15, 193682Wilmington, Clinton County, Ohio, United States of America0May 13, 20011864Burlingame, San Mateo, California, United States
Roger Crayton Cassell
July 22, 195068Des Moines, Iowa0
Roger Gilmore Cassell Sr
July 26, 1904114Jackson, Jackson, Ohio, United States6November 9, 19625658Rome, Oneida, New York, United States
Rufus Harland Cassell
March 7, 1880139Columbus, Franklin, Ohio0August 5, 19358355Alameda, California, USA
Sadie May Cassell
February 2, 1889130Columbus, Franklin, Ohio3December 20, 19338544Columbus, Franklin, OH
Victor A. Cassell
192297Des Moines, Polk, IA US01924952Des Moines, Polk, Iowa, USA
Virginia Beatrice Cassell
June 20, 1904115Des Moines, Polk, Iowa, United States3May 11, 19942589Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States of America,
Zelda Marjorie Cassell
March 24, 1913106Des Moines, Iowa1September 26, 19982085Seattle, King, Washington, United States of America