Woodson Family Tree


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Adaline Cassels
1887130Ohio0December 22, 18891272Jackson, Ohio, USA,
Addie Cassels
about 1888129Ohio0
Alfred E. Cassels
February 17, 1878139Athens, Ohio0May 9, 19407762Oberlin, Lorain, Ohio
Alice Cassels
August 19, 1870147Ohio7May 15, 19199848Lorain, Ohio
Aline Cassels
September 1879138Ark0
Alonzo Cassels
1848169Berlin Cross Roads, Jackson, OH0
Alverna Cassels
November 1882135Ohio0September 13, 19467163Ventura, California
Arnette Beverly Cassels
February 8, 194077West Virginia2May 6, 20021562
Blanche Cassels
about 1884133Ohio8November 24, 19585874Athens, Athens, Ohio, United States
Clinton Cassels
Clyde Cassels
June 1887130Ohio0
Cyrus Cassels
about 1879138Ohio0
Cyrus Crayton Cassels
April 27, 1845172Berlin X Roads, Jackson, Ohio11March 17, 19199873Harrison, Ohio, United States,
De Witt Cassels
about 1873144Kentucky0
Edith Rosella Cassels
April 30, 191899Harrison, Ohio, United States3August 26, 19942376Cambridge, Guernsey, Ohio, United States of America
Eugene Cassels
about 1909108Ohio0October 26, 19991890O Bleness Memorial Hospital
Evalyne Cassels
about 1907110Ohio0
Festus Cassels
April 23, 1885132Berlin X Roads, Jackson, Ohio, United States0June 18, 19734488Emerson, Ohio, United States
Festus A. Cassels
August 4, 193483Jefferson, Ohio, United States2January 30, 20011666Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States of America
Frank Cyrus Cassels
June 14, 1880137Ohio0June 18, 19734493Emerson, Ohio, United States
Garfield Victor Cassels
February 7, 1881136Berlin X Roads, Jackson, Ohio14June 13, 19734492Columbus, Ohio
George (Bud) Cassels
August 7, 1909108Jackson, Jackson, Ohio, United States0June 19, 19853275Springfield, Clark, Ohio, United States of America
George Louis Cassels
September 21, 1905112MT. Pleasant, Jefferson, Ohio11June 10, 19892883Cadiz, Harrison, Ohio, United States of America,
George Oscar Cassels
February 4, 1887130Berlin, Jackson, Ohio, USA1December 12, 191410227Perry, Buchanan, Iowa, USA,
George Washington Cassels
December 1851165Berlin Cross Roads, Jackson, OH0
Hazel Cassels
July 14, 1907110Smithfield, Jefferson, Ohio5September 11, 19972090Smithfield, Jefferson, Ohio, United States of America
Helen Natalie Cassels
about 1898119Massachusetts5
Howard R Cassels
May 31, 1913104Ohio10August 19, 1973
August 19, 1973
4460Dillonvale, Jefferson, Ohio, United States of America
Bellaire, Belmont, Ohio
James Cassels
February 5, 1886131Athens, Athens, Ohio8February 6, 19645378Home
James Andrew Cassels
November 1846171Berlin Cross Roads, Jackson, Ohio, United States6February 25, 19318684Athens, Ohio
James E Cassels
about 1910107Ohio0
Jane Cassels
September 22, 1840177Berlin Cross Roads, Jackson, OH0December 11, 19269086Kansas City, Missouri
Jemima Cassels
September 22, 1840177Berlin X Roads, Jackson, Ohio9December 11, 19269086Kansas City, Missouri
John Alfred Cassels
June 16, 1891126Milton Township, Jackson, Ohio0December 19694778Pontiac, Livingston, Illinois, United States of America
John Davis Cassels
March 1855162Woodson, Kansas, United States5
Louis Cassels
November 1869148Ohio10
Margaret Elizabeth Cassels
September 6, 1915102Smithfield, OH11January 8, 19892873Canton, Stark, Ohio, United States of America
Mary Adaline Cassels
December 10, 1909107Ohio4February 13, 20051295Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio
Mary Anna Cassels
November 4, 193087Smithsfield, Ohio1October 20, 19962165Flushing, Belmont, Ohio, United States of America
Mary Jane Cassels
January 14, 1872145Ohio8May 15, 19249352
Mildred Cassels
June 12, 1909108Ohio0April 6, 19962186Long-Term Care Facilities
Mildred Catherine Cassels
June 12, 1909108Jefferson, Ohio, United States3April 6, 19962186Steubenville, Jefferson, Ohio, United States of America
Mildred Deloris Cassels
July 30, 193285Smithsville, Ohio3January 9, 2010777Downey, CA
Nancy Cassels
1837180Virginia4Ohio, United States
Nellie Cassels
July 10, 1889128Milton, Jackson, Ohio0
Ora May Cassels
October 8, 1876141Milton, Jackson, Ohio5
Pamela Jeanne Cassels
November 15, 194473Wilmington Ohio0October 28, 2008963Southbury, New Haven, Connecticut
Pauline R. Cassels
August 3, 1903114Harrisville, Harrison, Ohio4August 4, 19882985Smithfield, Jefferson, Ohio, United States of America
Peggy Jean Cassels
July 9, 193780West Virginia4November 23, 19981961Pacoima, Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Rachel Cassels
December 12, 1839177Berlin Crossroad, Jackson, Ohio5April 5, 190211562BERLIN CROSS ROADS, Ohio, United States
Rufus H. Cassels
May 1881136Ohio0
Ruth Jane Cassels
June 8, 192988Smithsville, Ohio3December 1, 2010681Sherrodsville, Carroll, Ohio
Syms Cassels
Thomas Frank Cassels
1847170Berlin Cross Roads, Jackson, Ohio, USA3April 2, 190311456Memphis, Tennessee
Thomas James Cassels
1814203Amelia, Virginia, USA,12July 24, 187614162Berlin Cross Roads, Jackson, Ohio, USA,
Tracy Cassels
Treace Cassels
about 1887130Ohio0
Verna M Cassels
about 1911106Ohio0