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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Aaron Jackson Smith
October 4, 192098Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, USA8September 26, 2016295Vitas, 3840 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Ste. 101 Duluth, GA 30096
Aaron Michael Smith
October 25, 199424Columbus, Oh0
Adam Smith
September 13, 198335Columbus OH0
Alayna Grace Smith
Albert Smith
Alyssa Joy Smith
April 25, 199722Columbus, OH0
Anna Maude Smith
March 24, 1845174Level, Pennsylvania, United States5February 5, 188213736Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States
Beatrice M Smith
October 1899119Ohio4February 13, 19219821London, Madison, OH, USA
Bertha Smith
January 31, 1876143Zalaski, Ohio7January 6, 19695092Granville, Licking, Ohio, United States of America
Betty Irene Smith
August 15, 192693Flint, Michigan4June 8, 19992072California, USA
Betty Jane Smith
July 26, 192693Lenawee, Michigan0September 12, 19922666Tecumseh, Lenawee, Michigan, USA
Brandon DeWitt Smith
January 22, 197247Columbus, OH3
Brent Douglas Smith
June 28, 196455Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, United States4
Brian David Smith
May 26, 196158Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, United States2
Brian Jay Smith
October 1, 196553Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, USA1December 21, 20051340Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio, USA
Briana Renee Smith
June 3, 1969503
Brianna Elizabeth Smith
April 22, 200019Columbus OH0
Bridget Danielle Smith
November 2, 197444Columbus, OH0
Carla June Smith
December 11, 195959Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, United States0
Carol Jean Smith
December 11, 195959Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, United States0
Charles W. Smith
September 16, 1917101Camilla, Georgia1March 11, 19942576Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, USA
Clarence Wilber Smith
February 27, 192198South Carolina4December 13, 19991978Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, USA
Cledith Nadine Smith
July 24, 194970Dayton, Montgomery, OH, USA2
Darin Allen Smith
July 5, 196950Columbus, OH1
Darrell Roderick “Rocky” Smith
September 4, 195662Ohio, United States0
David Smith
February 22, 198138Columbus OH0
David Kevin Smith
October 9, 195464Columbus, OH3
Diane Smith
Diane Adele Smith
August 1, 1965540
Earl Smith
July 13, 1902117Michigan3April 23, 19655462Ridgeway, Lenawee County, Michigan, USA
Edna Laura Smith
February 24, 1873146Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, United States3February 27, 19536680Xenia, Greene, Ohio, United States
Elijah Smith
Ellery Smith
Erika Marie Smith
Esther Geneva Smith
December 19, 1918100Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, United States0May 18, 1920991Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, United States
Frances Leola Smith
February 8, 194475Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, USA1
Francis Leonard Smith
Francis Baisamo
Francis Leonard Smith
December 18, 1915103Ironspot, Muskingum, Ohio5October 10, 19952379Akron, Oh
Francis Leonard Smith
Francis Baisamo
Francis Leonard Smith
December 18, 1915Ironspot, Muskingum, Ohio5October 10, 199579Akron, Oh
Franklin Hubbard Smith
November 7, 194276Columbus OH2May 2, 20071264Akron, OH
Gladys Smith
1905114Pike County, Ohio0
Goldie Smith
about 1909110Ohio0
Gwendolyn Marie Smith
March 10, 195069Grant Hospital - Columbus, OH2
Harold Smith
about 1906113Ohio0
Harold L Smith
1879140Ohio0between 1880 and 19251391
Helen Francis Smith
November 22, 1895123Zanesville, Muskingum, Ohio, USA5October 26, 19645468Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio
Henry Nathaniel Smith
June 1856163Ohio5between 1910 and 194310953Union City, Clinton, Ohio, United States
Homer Guy Smith
October 11, 192692Bloomingdale, Ohio0October 28, 19863260Dillonvale, Jefferson, Ohio, USA
Irvin Edsel Smith
April 19, 194871Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, USA0June 22, 20061358Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio
Jackson Cole Smith
January 5, 200712Westerville, Oio0
Jacob Caden Smith
January 8, 20145Columbus Ohio0
James Smith
about 193980West Virginia0
Janis Annette Smith
October 3, 195959St. Ann Hospital - Columbus, OH2
Jason Francis Smith
June 10, 199920Dallas, Texas0
Jay Ann Smith
Jerri Lee Smith
John Smith
Jonathan Smith
August 20, 197940Columbus OH3
Jordan Carter Smith
July 13, 201090
Jordan Matthew Smith
March 7, 200019Cincinati, Ohio0
Joseph Wayne Smith
September 6, 195761Akron City, Summit, Ohio0September 29, 2014457Akron City, Summit, Ohio
Josephine Margaret Smith
August 1, 192594Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, United States0April 8, 1926930Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, United States
Josiah Dejon Smith
May 7, 200217Columbus OH0
Juanita Marjorie Smith
August 21, 192594Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, United States4November 26, 2009984Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, USA
Kai Ota Smith
February 11, 200514New York City, New York0
Karl Franklin Smith
October 5, 1892126Zanesville, Muskingum, Ohio9January 25, 19724779Columbus, Oh
Karl Franklin Smith III
June 12, 194574Grant Hospital - Columbus, OH3
Karl Franklin Smith IV
March 9, 197247Columbus, OH3
Karl Franklin Smith Jr
December 26, 1917101Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, United States0April 22, 19437625Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, United States
Kathy L Smith
about 1956630
Kayla Elyse Smith
November 22, 199622Fayette, Kentucky0
Kevin Smith
about 196059Ohio0
Kia Smith
January 14, 1976431
Lauren Nicole Smith
August 8, 200316Cincinnati, Ohio0
Leona Smith
December 8, 1943751
Leonard Roscoe Smith
March 4, 193980Columbus Ohio0
Lynn Currier Smith
December 3, 194573Ia2
Mabel Eugenia Smith
January 12, 1884135Lancaster, Fairfield, Ohio1August 17, 19388154Ironspot, Muskingum, Ohio
Mae Buford Smith
Marc Smith
about 197148Ohio0
Marilyn Jeannette Smith
June 8, 195564Grant Hospital - Columbus, OH1
Martin Kent Smith
October 8, 195167Columbus, OH0April 23, 2018166
Marvin Jackson Smith
May 13, 1958610
Mary Alice Smith
about 192594West Virgina4
Maxin Blair Smith
Michael Smith
Michele Marvine Smith
Milan LaMonte Smith
August 4, 197247St. Ann Hospital - Columbus, OH0
Millicent Jean Smith
February 1, 195168Grant Hospital - Columbus, OH3
Morgan Smith
Myrtle May Smith
April 27, 1901118Ohio0
Naomi Smith
about 1920990
Nathan Kyle Smith
April 8, 196455Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, United States0
Philip W. Leslie Smith
May 25, 1890129Lancaster, Second Ward, Fairfield, Ohio0after 191010919
Phillip Nathaniel Smith
December 1, 193781Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, United States4July 7, 19972259Columbus, OH
Quinton Nathaniel Smith
December 27, 194672Dayton, OH1
Quinton Theodore Smith
January 8, 1919100Spartenburg, SC5April 14, 19962377Dayton, OH
Rhonda M Smith
September 7, 1945730
Rickey Smith Jr
July 28, 1972470
Robert Allen Smith
March 31, 193881Columbus, OH4
Robert Douglas Smith
May 11, 196356Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, United States1
Robin Lynn Smith
August 14, 196158Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, United States4
Ronald Alvin Smith
March 31, 193881Columbus, OH4
Rowena Remona Smith
about 193980Ohio0
Russell G Smith
April 18, 1907112Ohio2February 21, 19605952Jefferson, Ohio, USA
Ruth Sylvia Smith
September 22, 1916102229 Blair St. Col., Ohio5June 23, 20051488Sarasota, Florida
Selah Ramon Smith
December 18, 199919Columbus OH0
Shayna Elayne Smith
January 13, 200019Cincinati, Ohio0June 24, 2015415West Chester, Butler, Ohio, USA
Sheila Smith
Shirley Frances Smith
December 30, 194771Ohio2
Soyna Smith
Stefanie Smith
Stephanie Smith
Stephen Smith
Sylvia Smith
Sylvia Judith Smith
August 21, 194277Grant Hospital - Columbus, OH2
Terry L Smith
about 1971480
Terry Lamar Smith
Tywana Maria Smith
July 24, 196356Marion, Kentucky2
Vernette D. Smith
December 31, 1970481
Vicroria Smith
about 200712Cincinnati OH0
Walter Martin Smith
April 14, 193089Columbus Franklin OH USA5December 2, 20061276Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, United States of America
Wilbur G. Smith
October 29, 194078Castalian Springs, Tennessee0June 27, 19962355Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA
William E Smith Jr
about 193188Columbus, Ohio0
William Peter Smith
March 23, 192198Pickaway Mon, West Virginia0May 4, 19922771Toledo, Lucas, Ohio, USA
Willis C Smith
January 1845174Virginia4
Willis E Smith
April 11, 1896123Piqua, Miami, Ohio0September 27, 19694973Piketon, Pike, Ohio, USA
Zachary Karl Smith
May 28, 200217Columbus OH0
Zack Smith